The Hoseys

Here are the links for the Cruise Life design for the 9 June 2024 Sailing. I will leave them up until the cruise is over.

2024_06_09_cruise_life.jpg ]

2024_06_09_cruise_life.svg ]

2024_06_09_cruise_life.studio3 ]

The site is being overhauled precipitated by a catastrophic failure of the database. Not to worry (too much), the recipe pages are completely intact and the genealogy data has been saved and will be available soon. Unfortunantly, the photo galleries were too damaged to recover but the photos themselves are safe. Once the genealogy pages are restored, we will try to rebuild the galleries.

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To view the progress on the restoration of the genealogy pages, click on the appropriate link below:
(please note a login is now required to view data contained in the genealogy pages)

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