Glen's "Green Floater" Chili

Glen's "Ring of Fire" Muffins

There's lots of really neat pictures linked to the next paragraph, one of my favorite books! I guess it has something to do with the fact that it was pretty much a family affair! My mama was one of the driving forces behind the book and really did a lot of work to put the book together, and my darling sister (Deborah "Dee" Bolden) gave her typing class at Marvell Academy the task of typesetting the whole thing. Of course, all in the family was very instrumental in doing a lot of "taste testing" of the recipes! This is one heck of a book, it has even been on the counter at Nieman-Marcus in Dallas!

All of the following recipes are featured in my hometown cookbook, "High Cotton Cookin'", published by the Marvell (Arkansas) Academy Mothers Association. The book has some marvelous pen and ink drawings by Ms Mary E. Abramson. My favorite is the dog by the mailbox, another good one is the mule team pulling a wagon, and taking the little girl fishing, and of course no southern home is without its kitchen! I think you can still get the cookbook, just drop a line to:

High Cotton Cookin'
P.O. Box 841
Marvell, AR 72366

Green Gage Plum Salad -- a great salad, cool, refreshing!

Napoleon's Chile -- this was my daddy's favorite chili, very easy

Bean Soup -- Mama used to love a good bean soup, but usually used 15-bean

Chicken Soup -- Daddy almost married Ms. Hirsch, I would have been Jewish!

Oyster Stew -- Whoooowhee, daddy could cook up some oyster soup!

Magic Biscuits -- Mama said these were MAGIC, so easy to make, and good too!

Egg Salad -- A very different type of lettuce salad, really tangy and good!

Hot Thousand Island Dressing -- The traditional salad dressing, with a whang!

Mother's Green Tomato Pickles -- Gran (my grandmother) loved to can!

Red Beans and Rice -- Daddy loved to have a good pot of beans

Corn Fritters -- My kids love there better than French Fries!

Eggplant Fritters -- And when then don't expect it, they even wolf down these!

Baked Field Corn -- There's nothing better that fresh corn, fried in the oven!

Gallopity -- Grandma could make some real fine, easy, one pot dishes

Mother's Slumgullion -- And this was her BEST!

Sauerbraten -- We aren't German, but this sure is good!

BBQ Pork Chops -- Daddy would slow cook these chops for a couple of hours!

Chittlins -- Every fall, we used to kill the hogs, and the Chittlins were good! Now I gotta tell a story on this one. Old Man John Yancy used to love all the Chitterling Cookouts, and he loved to have fun at them (he was about 80 as I remember). You could count on him bringing a pocket full of dried corn each year. After everyone had had several mouthfuls, old man John would slip some of the corn into his mouth, chew it up a bit, and spit it out on his plate, very loudly screaming, "Damn, didn't ya'll clean these chittlins???". Always seemed to have a few newcomers who were quite taken aback by this!

Doves in Wine Sauce -- One of our favorite pastimes, is shooting doves on Sept 1!!!

South of the Border Doves -- and another good recipe for doves (if you can hit them <G>)

Juicy Ducks -- One thing we got in Arkansas, and that is DUCKS, DUCKS, DUCKS!

Country Captain Chicken -- One of my mama's favorites

Eden Isle Chicken -- One of the most memorable (and fattening) chicken recipes ever!

Elegant Cornish Hens -- Mama could cook some pretty gourmet-type things too!

Cocktail Sauce -- A good, spicy sauce for shrimp, oysters on the shell, etc.

Aunt Poo's Peanut Butter Pie -- My Aunt Poo, from Mississippi, could really cook!

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