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Buster only works on PCs ­ some folks are working on a Mac version, but it isn't ready yet….sorry
I'm providing these programs totally free to help all the other food lovers out there! Programming is a hobby. (Well, I get paid to do that too, but this time, the only payment is smiling faces and happy recipe collectors!)
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Glen's MM Recipes

Huge MealMaster Recipe Collection! I now have 163,000 recipes online.

MM_Buster 2.0n zip (for MM)
MM Buster 2.0n EXE (for MM)
McBuster 2.0j zip (for MC)
McBuster 2.0j EXE (for MC)

Here we are! A pic of the family.

Tales of El Grande Habanero!

A couple of great stories featuring habanero chiles, as posted to the Chile-Heads mailing list by Rael, the High Priest of the list! Two stories for you, one about Eddie-O and eating Habs, and another one about, well, the title is I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations! Warning: Second one is a tad on the bawdy side!

Home Sweet Home!

Website of the marvelous community we now call home!

Favorite Links to other recipe pages. (Updated with some new links and new sites on June 5th. Here you will find a growing list of places to visit for recipes and food related information. Hot & spicy sites marked with:

Recipe List Addresses (and pointers to their recipe archives) - If you want to sign up to some of the greatest recipe lists on the internet, check out these! (Updated 22 Jan 98)

Favorite family recipes Home of my "Ring of Fire Muffins" and recipes that my family, 'specially my momma, loves to cook. (Chile Head Card, too!) Updated 11/7/97 with my "Green Floater" Chili!

MMBuster instructions
MCBuster instructions

Running Buster under Windows/Win 95 -- how to set up an icon or shortcut to take advantage of the "/LIST" features.

Gail Shermeyer has a nice file detailing how she uses Buster.

Calling all Hoseys! The Hosey Genealogy Page is looking for you!

If you have questions, don't hesitate to mail me at:

Why spend your time editing recipes?

Take a break!
Let Buster fix your recipes now!

MealMaster and MasterCook Recipe Buster for PCs

Meal-Master Buster for PC

MM Buster will take your recipe digest text files (or any text file containing recipes) and convert them ALL to MealMaster format. MasterCook recipes will be converted properly. Unformatted recipes will be converted with minimal editing.

MasterCook Buster for PC

MC_Buster will do the same, except it converts recipes to MasterCook format, to include all of the MealMaster recipes.

Getting Started

Create a subdirectory where you want to place these program files and copy the "buster" file to it. Run the program and the actual program files will be extracted. You will have three files, the program file itself, a help file (.TXT) and a configuration file (.CFG). Read the help file, please.

Download MM_Buster Zip file

MM_Buster version 2.0n is here! (84,484 bytes). Updated to recognize the new MasterCook Version 5 header lines (different spacing in the header). This version will also report correct line numbers when errors are encountered in files longer than 32,767 lines. It also should recognize a German MM program that has headers beginning with "MMMMM----- REZEPTI". (Self-extracting EXE version 100,254 bytes).

MealMaster icons for Windows users! A collection of icons provided courtesy of Fred Goslin. Thanks a million, Fred!

Download MC_Buster Zip file

MC_Buster 2.0j is here! (95,875 bytes). Version 2.0 is the one everyone has been waiting for!!! All MM recipes get properly busted into MC format, even the 2-column ones, into true MC format! This version adds support to properly recognize the new MasterCook 5.0 headers. (see file mc_bustr.txt for a complete description of all the changes). (Self-extracting EXE version 111,645 bytes).

If you just want to know more about Buster, read the help files before you download. I have both the MealMaster help file and the MasterCook help files here as well.

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And sincere thanks from me for all who have provided me with suggestions and problem reports to make Buster a better program!

And big, BIG hugs and thank-yous go out to Pat Hanneman and Brenda Adams, Rooby and others, without whose help and humor, Buster would still be an infant!

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