Some recipe links I have found!

This page will be constantly undergoing additions! Last updated June 5, 1999

And now! My favorite one! The Chile-Heads home page -- If you like hot food, this is home for you! Recipes and archives from the Chile-Heads Digest.

And the next best site (well, maybe the best one!) is Bud Online, where you can get recipes featuring Budweiser, check our their Cool Gear, and even meet Frank and Louie! Also source of some neat screen savers <G>!

Welcome to the Porch! New home page of the BBQ Mailing List!

My Favorites

Pat Hanneman's Kitchen -- Pat has been one of the most helpful folks in the world with the Buster programs! Visit her home for healthy recipes, etc.

FireGirl's Page -- Lotsa good hot stuff!

Flavors of the South collection of Southern recipes by Judy Trayler Howle, Columbus, Mississippi

Garry's Home Cooking -- Lots of GOOD BBQ and southwestern cooking! Updated URL

Graeme Caselton's Chile Heads Page -- Lots of recipes, info & his "Chile Heads Card"

Hot and Spicy Cooking Page -- great hot recipes! Updated URL

Mark's Hot Links -- All things hot!

Rick Day's Smokemaster's BBQ Home Page -- Rick do some serious BBQing! Check it out!!!!!!!!

The Smoke Ring

Everything you wanted to know about Q'ing!

No gas here -- no liquid smoke either!

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