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Here's a few that I know of! Of these, the MC and MM lists are probably about the busiest, tons of recipes each day. Not many recipes in BBQ, lots of good talk about how, etc, to smoke, grill, etc, types of equipment. Chile-Heads (my favorite!) has some recipes, read good archive of hot recipes, lots of talk about different kinds of hot peppers & other food, growing tips, etc. Foodwine is very laid back, good recipes. EAT-L has good recipes, just don't stray from the list rules. Jewish food, obviously, is for the discussion of Jewish food, lots of good recipes! FATFREE is very low-fat AND strict vegetarian (i.e. don't post m*at recipes!).

If any of these don't work, mail me & I'll find out what's changed and exactly how to subscribe.

ChileHeadsTo subscribe to the Chile-Heads list send the single line "subscribe" in the body of message to -- for the digest, send it to
EAT-LSend a message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.VT.EDU with "sub EAT-L" in the body of the message.
Jewish FoodTo subscribe to this list, send a note to with the SINGLE WORD subject line: subscribe. NO MESSAGE TEXT IS NECESSARY.... To sub to the digest version, send message to
BBQ-Digestsend mail to "" with the following command in the body of your email message: subscribe bbq-digest
FoodWineSubscribe by sending a "SUBSCRIBE FOODWINE" command (in body of message) to LISTSERV@CMUVM.CSV.CMICH.EDU
FatFree Vegetarian To subscribe, send a message to: with the SUBJECT: subscribe
TNTTo subscribe, unsubscribe, or get more information on Prodigy mailing lists, go to or send a message with the word "help" in the body to
EAT-LFTo sub send to: <> with "subscribe" in the body of the message
CHOCOA recipes list for the exchange of chocolate recipes. Send an email to with "subscribe choco" in the body of your email message.
Bakery Shoppe You can almost smell the kitchen aromas over the phone lines! Send message to with "subscribe bakery-shoppe" in the body.
Bread Bakers All you ever wanted to learn about bread, especially ABMs! Send message to <>. In the body only put "subscribe" on first line and "end" on second line, nothing else!
MasterCook Recipes ListTo subscribe, point your browser at the MasterCook Page at Sierra, enter the MasterCook site, click on the highlighted "e-mail" link, then follow that to the "recipe mailing lists" link, and subscribe online. One of the big ones! Or send mail to with "subscribe mc-recipes" in the body of the message.
MealMaster Recipes ListAnother of the big ones! To subscribe to the MM-Recipes list, send mail to saying "subscribe mm-recipes" in the body of the message.
MasterCook ListThis one is for software discussion, etc, not for passing recipes. Sub online as above, or send mail to with "subscribe mastercook" in the body of the message.
MealMaster ListThis one is for MealMaster software help, discussion, etc. Not for passing recipes. Send mail to with "subscribe mm-list" in the body of the message.
Recipe Exchange GroupThis one has four areas to choose from, you submit 10-20 recipes monthly, and in return receive hundreds! Great Web site too! Point your browser to the Cooking Information Center for more information.
KitchenHarold J Snippe informed me that there was a new recipe list. Send "subscribe kitchen" to Messages to
RecipeLuA new one! Send the command "subscribe recipelu-digest" or "subscribe recipelu" to
Brand Name RecipesA new one! Send command "subscribe brand-name-recipes" without the quotes to
Once A Month CookingThis list features hints for cooking once -- eating for a month! For more information, visit
Recipes to ShareHere's a new one about 200 subscribers and it is open to anyone interested in talking about cooking in general and sharing recipes. To subscribe just mail and put "subscribe Recipes2Share" in the body without the quotes.
Fab Food & FriendsOver 500 members and average about 450 posts per week. To subscribe, send mail to, no subject, and in the body of the message put "subscribe fabfood".
MEOW recipe list(owner loves kittycats!) email: and in the body of the message type: subscribe recipes
Menopause ListA bit different, not a recipe list per se, but you will find a few recipes here and there to help you through troubled times. To sub, mail In the body of the letter type: subscribe menopaus Joe E. Smith (if Joe E. Smith happens to be your name!)

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