Recipe BUSTER for MasterCook-PC

MS-dos / Windows

(c) 1996-98 Glen G. Hosey


* MC for MasterCook (II, 3.03 and 4.n)

* Windows (3.1, 3.11 or 95)

* Free for you to download and share

* Designed for people who use MasterCook/WIN

* Creates import/export file with the .mxp extension

* Edits, repairs and extracts emailed recipes


a. Version 2.0a changed the way ingredients that have parenthesis as the first part of the item are displayed. Had a bad way they were being displayed, now if the first part of the item is in parenthesis (like: 1 can (10 ounces) pineapple), that part in the parenthesis is moved to the end of the item. Added conversions for some additional "wierd" characters. Placed warning beeps at all error conditions. Made sure that there would be a blank line before the posting string.



a. It's finally here!!!! The newest version converts all MealMaster recipes into vastly improved MasterCook recipes. Two-column recipes are converted properly.

b. I have added a new switch in the configuration file. The ninth line now must contain "SHOWLITERS=YES" or "SHOWLITERS=NO". Setting it to YES will alert you when any ingredient line contains an amount of "l" (that's a little L) which will be converted to "liters" in the resulting recipe. If you tell program to continue, it will be converted, otherwise the program will terminate and inform you of the line number containing that particular ingredient so you can edit it and re-run the program!

c. Version 1.9d adds support for recognizing MC recipes exported from the "Key Home Gourmet" recipe program.

d. Version 1.9e fixes a problem with the PAUSE=NO switch, which did not work properly.

e. Version 1.9g adds a switch for allowing headers in ingredient lines to be changed to all cap letters. If CAPHEADERS=YES and an ingredient line starts and ends with 3 asterisks or 3 dashes, that line will be capped.

f. Version 1.9h converts the abbreviations in MC recipes into spelled out words now! Also added a little deal to make sure 2 spaces follow each period. Another biggie, it that the Word Wrap is fixed!

g. Version 1.9i cleaned up some formatting of ingredent lines.

h. Version 1.9j took out the 2 spaces mentioned in para (f) above. Also fixed ingredient lines starting with word "about", now puts that word at the very end. Spells out the single character fractions 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4. Fixes a problem with "Date: " lines with non-standard dates.

i. Version 1.9k/l put a tag line in that says that the recipe was "converted by MC_buster" for a little credit 8-) !!! Also fixed a problem with "=20" lines in MM recipes.

j. Version 1.9m fixed problems when posters leave out the end of MC recipes (that is the line of dashes at the end). Buster now only requires three (3) brackets at the start and end of unformatted recipes. They still MUST be on a line by themselves with no spaces at the end! Also, the headings only require two Asterisks (*) to be capitalized.

k. Version 1.9n now recognizes the new endings in MC-Mac recipes (they end with 5 underscores, not the 3 pound signs!). Changed the lines written at the end of the temporary file, so hopefully when the last recipe in a file does not have a proper ending, buster will not hang up. Also the problem of the MM "dashes and ds" not converting properly was finally whipped!!!!!

l. Version 1.9o fixed a minor problem when dates in the recipe file were not standard.

m. Version 1.9p adds the capability for creating MC header lines from ingredient lines in unformatted recipes which end in a colon. If the line is in all cap letters and ends with a colon, it will be transformed into a MC heading line. For example, a line in an unformatted recipe of "FOR THE SAUCE:" will turn into "***FOR THE SAUCE***" in the resulting MC recipe. It actually didn't work in certain combinations of .CFG settings, so version 1.9q fixed that.

n. Version 1.9q also caps the word "OR" if it is the first word in an ingredient line, and there are no amounts or units on that line.

o. Version 1.9r will now create a MC heading out of any ingredient line which ends in a colon (:) that does NOT have any amounts or units of measure at the start of the line. Any number at the beginning of a line is regarded as an amount (like a bread machine's "1-1/2 pound loaf:" would NOT be translated into a header due to the "1-1/2". If you change the line to "for 1-1/2 pound loaf:", then it would be transformed into a header (***FOR 1-1/2 POUND LOAF***).

p. Version 1.9s now allows an optional "NOTES :" to be added after the title of a recipe. This only works in the unformatted recipes converted with the [[[[[ method. This is optional, just like the servings, categories and recipe by are. This one MUST be the last item before the blank line in front of the ingredients. It can be contain up to 1024 characters. It may span any number of lines, but must not contain a blank line. Example:


Recipe Title

S: 4 (optional servings, can use Serves, Serves:, Yield:, Y:, etc)

B: Bon Appetite! (optional, appears in the "Recipe By:" area)

C: Categories, optional, multiple (separate each category with commas)

N: Optional notes go here. They can be up to a total of 1024 characters

long. They can span multiple lines. Everything from the N: up to the

blank line will be treated as part of the notes.

1 cup this

1/2 cup that

etc, etc, etc.....

Notes can be tagged with "N: ", "Notes ", "NOTES ", "Notes: " or "NOTES: ".

q. Version 1.9t is a minor modification to the "notes" provision. I increased the maximum number of characters allowed to 2048 (that's about 27 lines of 75 characters each!). Also modified it to print before the poster's name IF your configuration setting is MCNOTES=NO.

r. Version 1.9u fixes some problems when busting unformatted recipes which contain very long lines with lots of dashes or asterisks in them, like:

-----------------------this is a header------------------------

***********************this is a header************************

s. Version 1.9v allows conversion of dashes in those ingredient lines which actually mean "to" (like "2-3 cups sugar"). This will now get converted properly to "2 cups sugar (up to 3)". There is one exception where this will not work: If you have whole numbers and fractions on the left side of the dash, and the first amount ALSO has a dash, you will get strange results (like "1-1/2-2 cups")! Also fixed some minor glitches where buster tried to use the "to" in a header like the above example (formerly, a heading line like "TO FINISH:" was not properly converted. I also fixed the math on determining whether a measurement should be plural or not. (Before, "3/4" would cause a plural, while "1 1/2" would not!)

t. Well....I blew it with 1.9V!! Did a stupid test in my code, and as a result, any ingredient which only had a fraction, wound up with "(up to )" at the end of the line! Simple fix. Additionally, ingredients with the "x to y" now show up like "1 cup sugar -- up to 2", instead of "1 cup sugar (up to 2)", much more in line with MasterCook proper format.

u. Version 1.9X fixes a reallllly minor problem I created when having Buster convert a leading "or" to caps. I didn't check for a space after the "or" so both "or " and "orange" get converted to "OR " and "ORange"!

v. Version 1.9Y fixes a problem with multiple " -- " in an ingredient line. It also fixes the count for maximum characters allowed in a "prep method" field.

w. Version 1.9Z includes an optional switch to allow the copying of the digest heading information into your resulting recipes file (.MXP), to give you a better idea of where the recipes came from! The 11th line of the configuration file must now contain a line "DIGESTHEADERS=NO" (tells buster NOT to put that information into the .MXP file) or "DIGESTHEADERS=YES", the default, which tells buster to include the information.

x. Version 1.9AA is a minor change to the information that the previous version places at the start of the file, now it will place the titles of all the recipes contained in the file at the top.

y. Version 1.9BB fixes a problem when you save filenames with only 2-letter filenames plus an extenstion. Buster was not properly processing them and they did not match entries that appeared in the configuration file.

z. Version 1.9CC fixes a problem with 2-column MealMaster recipes which have headings interspersed within the ingredient area. Ingredients from the right column were being placed at the end of the ingredients, instead of being placed within the heading group they were in.

aa. Version 1.9DD fixes a problem with MealMaster recipes which are exported with decimal amounts.

bb. Version 1.9EE fixes some spacing and punctuation problems with "up to" entries. Also, I have added another optional item: Time! Using "T:", "Time" or "Time:" plus a time will have this information placed in the Prep Time area. They should be formatted like: T: 0:30, Time 0:30 or Time: 0:30.

cc. Version 1.9FF fixes a bit of comma/dashes problems with ingredients within parenthesis. Fixed so that "1 cup wine (sweet, red wine)" does NOT translate into "1 cup wine (sweet -- red wine)", but now properly translates into "1 cup wine -- (sweet, red wine)". Minor glitches with converting abbreviated measurements fixed (only happened with LOWERCASE=NO setting).

dd. Version 1.9GG adds in a warning when buster encounters a MasterCook recipe that has no blank lines in the heading between the "Exported from" and the recipe title. It shows the line number of the possible error, and warns the user to edit the file, if necessary.

ee. Version 1.9HH modifies the wording of the "warning" above. It also now converts a wierd "tab" character (" ") to a space. Additionally, if a file already exists with same filename and a .DON extension, the new one will be saved with a different filename.

ff. The renaming of files introduced in version 1.9hh was eliminated! You will get a warning when the same filename already exists when buster attempts to rename your original to a .DON file. There is a new error stopage when buster detects a "prep method" that is too long without any spaces to fit into MC 20-character "prep method" area.


a. In response to a lot of people who wanted a capability to process more than one file at a time, I have added a switch "/LIST" to the program. If you run buster with the command "MC_BUSTR /LIST", the program will create a listing of all files in your subdirectory (BUSTFILE.FIL), and will then go through the filenames one at a time, and ask if you want to bust that file or not. If you answer "Y" or "y", that file will be busted. An answer of "N" or "n" will skip to the next file. Hitting an "X", "x" or CONTROL-X will abort the program.

This new switch will NOT prompt you for any files which have extensions:









b. Joel Ehrlich has a very old recipe software program, which unfortunately contains tons of his favorite recipes. The program cannot be altered to print anything other than the 2-column format. I have now solved the problem and can now convert these recipes. All you need to do is place curly brackets around the recipe! No additional editing! Do NOT change any of the spacing! Example:

 Banana Pudding    No. 2306                             Yields 6 Servings

   2/3 Cup       Sugar                      3 Tbls      Butter
   1/3 Cup       Cornstarch                 2 Tbls      Vanilla
     3 Cups      Milk                       2 Cups      Vanilla Wafers
   1/2 tsp       Salt                       2 Cups      Ripe Bananas, Sliced
     2           Eggs

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Combine the sugar, cornstarch, milk and salt in a large saucepan.
Cook, stirring, over medium heat until thickened.
Beat the eggs lightly with a wire whisk.
Add a little of the hot mixture to the eggs.
Blend well.
Pour the eggs into the mixture in the saucepan.
Cook, stirring, for a few minutes.
Add the butter and the vanilla.
Blend well.
Cover the surface of the pudding with plastic wrap.
Cool slightly.
Place a layer of vanilla wafers on the bottom of a (2 Qt.) casserole.
Alternate additional layers of vanilla wafers with layers of banana slices
pudding, ending with pudding as the top layer.
Bake until set (about 10 minutes).

AND NOW!!!!! VERSION 1.9!!!!!! It converts MealMaster recipes into MasterCook format -- do no editing of these, they will be converted properly!!!


Are you using win95?????? if so, go into explorer, and find the subdirectory where buster is... find buster..... click right button on it and tell it to make a shortcut. OOps, make sure your explorer isn't taking up the whole screen! After you make a shortcut, "grab" it and drop it outside explorer onto the main win screen. Then close explorer.

If you want to use the "/LIST" option: Right button click on the buster icon, go into properties, into the "program" area. It will give you a "command line" option, something like "C:\RECIPES\MM_BUSTER.EXE", or whatever. Just go into that line and add a "/LIST" at the end (with space before it).

Also, if you want a full-screen buster, right click on the icon, look at the "Run:" option and tell it "maximized". Then go into the "screen" menu, and make sure that "full screen" is clicked. THen "apply" it to the icon, close it up, and the next time you click on the icon it should run properly!


To create an icon so that Buster will operate from a click, in Program Manager, click on "File" and "New" to create a new "Program Item". In the properties menu screen, fill in the "Description" with whatever you want the program called (i.e. "Buster"). Under "Command Line" give it the full path AND the filename where buster is (you can browse to find it), like "C:\BUSTER\MC_BUSTER.EXE" and enter that same directory in the "Working Directory" area ("C:\BUSTER").

If you want to use the "\LIST" feature of buster, do as above, but in the "Command Line" area, include the switch, like "C:\BUSTER\MC_BUSTER.EXE \LIST", note there must be a space after the program name and the switch.

This will create an icon you can just click on to get buster to run!


Version 1.65U is modified with the following new features:

1. Allows user to select the format of recipe titles. The 6th line in MC_BUSTR.CFG file must contain a line containing either "CAPTITLES=YES" which will cause ALL recipe titles to be totally in capital letters, or "CAPTITLES=NO" which will convert all titles to a format like "This Is A Recipe Title".

2. Allows for pausing screen after each 20 recipes are converted so you can see what recipes are getting converted or not to pause at all. The 7th line in the MC_BUSTR.CFG file must contain a line containing "PAUSE=YES" to turn on the pause feature, or "PAUSE=NO" to turn it off.

-- Saturday, April 5, 1997 --

IMPORTANT INFORMATION .................The following topics contain information that could be critical to your success in installing and using your MasterCook Buster. Please take a moment to review this document. It contains information you need to know to speed-up import of recipes from lists, digests, and web pages. This document is the User's Guide that accompanies the software.

Contents of this file

1. Needs

2. Installation

2.1 Basic

2.2 Un-installing

2.3 Upgrading

3. Configuring Buster

3.1 MC_Buster.exe

3.2 MC_Buster.cfg

4. What Does Buster Produce?

4.1 Files Buster produces.

4.2 What you will do with the Busted files.


5 . Saving a recipe to your Buster file.

5.1 If Buster is to type automatically for you:

5.1.1 Save file to match a line in Config. File.

5.1.2 From: and Date: must be at the top - Buster uses that information

5.1.3 Place file in Buster folder

5.2 Caution: Do not save using .mmf, .mxp, or .out.

6. Preparing a File to Bust

6.1 MC-Recipe digest

6.2 Recipes from the Web

7. Start Buster

7.1 Bust a file

7.2 Files Buster Creates

7.3 Cautions

8. Getting Help

8.1 Contacting the Author

8.2 Reporting bugs etc.

9. Legal Stuff About Sharing

10. Buster-isms: A Glossary of Terms

11. Miscellaneous

  1. Needs

2. Installation

2.11 Basic Installation

2.12 What you get when you open zip

2.2 Un-install: Delete the above four files

2.3 Upgrading

2.31 Unzip the upgrade into a temporary location.

2.32 Replace these files in your buster directory


The upgrade will contain a copy of mcbuster.CFG. It's up to you to SAFEGUARD your personalized copy of this file. (In other words, you may not want to copy the new Config. over your own.)

3. Configuring MC_Buster

3.1 MC_Buster. Exe This is the program file. It runs from the DOS prompt. Please refer to your Windows manual or the help file for information about running MS-dos programs from Windows.

3.2 MC_Buster.cfg (A very basic one comes with the program. See (xxxxx) for a sample Config and possible settings, and explanation of, etc.) The Configuration file tells MC_Buster what to do. It's a program information file and must have the .cfg extension. It must kept be in the same file with Buster.exec.

You can use Notepad (Win95) or Notebook (3.1) to edit this text file. This file must have the .CFG extension and be saved in ASCII (text-only) format only.

3.21 Sample of Configuration file and explanations

The Configuration file: (This is what drives the exec - tells Buster what you want him to do): A basic one has been provided for you. Please refer to it. All you really need in order to run Buster is the first four items at top of Configuration file. Any other items are OPTIONS; they are simply used in order to save you repetitive typing.

These are the items at the top of the Config file. (See the Config. File included in Zip.) THEY MUST BE THERE! If they aren't there, Buster will halt and tell you which line is in error and what you need to do to correct the problem.

DELETE=NO(recommended) When BUSTER is done editing a file, it will change it's extension to .DON (for 'done). That way, you still have your original. If you don't want to keep original files, set DELETE=YES
ALLFILES=YES BUSTER displays a list of ALL files in the directory, as you Bust. If you set ALLFILES=NO the Buster will list only those files withOUT extensions. (if you use a system that allows no extensions, for example: a non-Windows environment.)
LOWERCASE=YES Converts ALL-CAPS to standard upper and lower case. MOMMA'S STRAWBERRY JAM becomes Momma's Strawberry Jam. This only pertains to titles. Ingredient lines will be converted to all lowercase.
MCNOTES=NO(recommended) If you do not want NOTES to be in MasterCook's notes field, then MCNOTES=NO is the option you want. NO will put the note at the end of the directions. YES leaves NOTES alone.
WORDWRAP=YES Keeps those LONG lines you see in some MasterCook recipes in that format. Setting this to "WORDWRAP=YES" will cause all lines over 78 characters long to be broken into smaller lines.
CAPTITLES=NO This setting will convert all recipe titles into a format like "This Is A Recipe Title"; setting this to CAPTITLES=YES will convert all recipe titles to cap letters "THIS IS A RECIPE TITLE".
PAUSE=YESSelects whether you want the program to pause after displaying every 20 recipes so you can view the titles as they are being converted. Setting this to PAUSE=NO will convert all of the recipes without pausing. If you have more than 20 or so recipes in your file, titles of the first ones will scroll off the screen.
PERSERVING=YES Selects whether you want to leave in the "per serving" information that appears at the bottom of some recipes. Setting this to PERSERVING=NO will eliminate those lines from the recipes.
SHOWLITERS=YES Determines if you want to be alerted whenever an ingredient will be converted to liters. Only shows those with a single small L (l) as the ingredient measure. Setting this to SHOWLITERS=NO processes recipes without warnings.
CAPHEADERS=YES Determines if you want the headers in the ingredient lines to be cap letters or not. Setting it to CAPHEADERS=NO will have those lines in all lower case.


MM,X,Posted to MM-Recipe

(MEANS: save your file as "MM505", etc, where "505" is the digest number Buster prints to your recipes: "Posted to MM-Recipes by on Mar 15, 1997.)

MC,N,Posted to MC-Recipe Digest V1 #

(Using the MC, N line above: save your file as "MC303" where "303" is the digest number. Prints to your recipe as "Posted to MC-Recipe Digest V1#303 by on Mar 15, 1997.)

EL,N,Posted to EAT-L Digest

(Using the EL line above, save your file as "EL0315", where "0315" is date of March 15. Prints to your recipe as prints as "Posted to EAT-L Digest 15 Mar 97 by on Mar 15, 1997.)


(Using the CH, N line above, save file as "CH263" where "263" is the digest number. Prints to your recipe as "Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V3 #263 by on Mar 15, 1997.)

DAVE,D,Posted to Recipe Archive -

(Using the DAVE line above, save file as "DAVE0316" where "0316" is March 16th. Prints to your recipe as "Posted to Recipe Archive - 16 Mar 97 by on Mar 16, 1997.)

TNT,X,Posted to TNT Recipes

(Using the TNT example above, save file as anything starting with "TNT", such as "TNT295". Prints to your recipe as "Posted to TNT Recipes by on Mar 15, 1997.)


FF,N,Posted to fatfree digest V97 #

LF,N,Posted to Digest eat-lf.v097.n

JW,N,Posted to JEWISH-FOOD digest V97 #

BQ,N,Posted to bbq-digest V5 #

GOUR,D,Posted to The Gourmet Connection Recipe Page Newsletter

MD,N,Posted to MasterCook Digest V1 #

BR,N,Posted to Digest bread-bakers.v097.n

FW,D,Posted to FOODWINE Digest



# Prints to my file as Posted by on June 2, 1997


N means Buster is to type in the volume number

( Note: if you use the N method, you will have to pay attention to volume number changes: e.g., V4 will someday become V5.)

X means Buster is to only type in the sender name, date and list name

D means Buster will type in a date you specify

B means Buster is type nothing without direct input from you

The words that follow the N, X, D will be inserted into the sentence at the bottom of each recipe, appended by the information the commands N,X,or D produce.

4. What Does Buster Produce?

4.1 Buster produces up to 4 files with different extensions: .DON, .MXP, .MMF, OUT.

4.11 CAUTION - never type extensions .mxp or .mmp or .out into the Buster exe.

4.2 What you will do with the Busted files.

4.12 You will use the recipe files for import into your Mastercook software.

4.13 .DON and .OUT you will delete once you are sure that the recipe files are as you want them.

4.131 Recommend that you test import the recipe files into your software before you delete the .DON file.

5 . Saving a recipe to your Buster file.

5.1 If Buster is to type automatically for you: Buster to automatically print sender info, assign a name of digest or list, date: Example: AFTER BUSTING each recipe in file will have something like this at the bottom: Posted to MC-Recipe by on June 2, 1997.)

5.1.1 Save file to match a line in Config. File. Example: TNT302.txt

5.1.2 From: and Date: must be at the top - Buster uses that information

5.1.3 Place file in Buster folder

5.2 Caution: The following extensions are reserved by Windows, MasterCook, and/or Buster.

Do not name your file with these extensions or you could damage your files.

6. Preparing Files

6.1 After file is saved, edit prior to Busting.

6.1.1 Recipe preparation and clean-up

6.1 Buster cannot undo bad formatting. You need to check for proper format.

6.2 Buster can do some cleanups, but not all.


Here is a recipe that had problems that Buster corrected.


Subject: Comments
DATE: March 13, 1888

Footer: Here is one of my favorite recipes for pasta. My mother always made it.++
She brought it over from lower Transylvania. It was a traditional dish, served++
at funerals and spring dances. =20

B: Donald Duck's mother
C: Pasta

8 oz Cream cheese
=BE Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
=BD Cup Flour
=BD Cup Water
=BE Cup Chopped Fresh Tomatoes (or sun dried)=20
Cooked Fettucini

Caution: this is NOT a real recipe
In a large saucepan, combine cream cheese, parmesan cheese, flour and
water. Stir over low heat until smooth, add tomatoes and cook for an
additional 5 minutes, add fettucini and toss lightly and serve.

Actually, the original said '8ounces'. Buster can't fix that. I did, before I busted this recipe...note that if this had been a real recipe, I would have made further edits. Buster doesn't properly format for MasterCook : for instance, most folks want 'chopped' to follow 'fresh tomatoes'. You still have some edits. (AAAAH! Humans are still needed!)


* Exported from MasterCook Buster * Pasta A La Franco
Recipe By : Donald Duck's mother Serving Size : 1 Preparation Time : Categories : Pasta Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method -------- ------------ -------------------------------- 8 ounces cream cheese 3/4 cups grated parmesan cheese 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup water 3/4 cups chopped fresh tomatoes (or sun dried) cooked fettucini Caution: this is NOT a real recipe In a large saucepan, combine cream cheese, parmesan cheese, flour and water. Stir over low heat until smooth, add tomatoes and cook for an additional 5 minutes, add fettucini and toss lightly and serve. Here is one of my favorite recipes for pasta. My mother always made it. She brought it over from lower Transylvania. It was a traditional dish, served at funerals and spring dances. By on March 13, 1888 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

6.3 Buster cannot Bust @@@@@ format (edit into Buster Bracket method, or save to another file)

6.4 Buster can't Bust plain text recipes until you prepare them.


6.2.1 Generic formatting: If a recipe is in plain text you can format it using Buster.

.MXP FORMATTING USING BUSTER: (very similar to the @@@@@ method):

Footer: MC formatted by Jake Doe.


Footer: MC formatted by Jake Doe <>

B: How to Make Morning Beverages by Jackie Gleason
S: 2
C: beverage, alcohol

2 tablespoon molasses
2 cup vodka

Combine the two. Hold your nose and consume.

Footer: Formatted by Mimi Hines on June 2, 1997

Brass Cleaner Homemade Mix
B: Decorating With Style,TV Show;HGTV
C: Cleaning mixes

-- corn meal
-- little bit of table salt
-- white wine vinegar

Into cornmeal mixed with just a bit of salt, mix in enough white wine vinegar until a thick paste. Use old washrag, dip in cornmeal/vinegar mixture and rub it into the brass.

Buster Brackets ]]]]] must appear at bottom of last recipe in a file or " Footer: " won't install to last recipe. AND, bottom Buster Bracket (]]]]]) MUST be followed by a hard return (a carraige return).

then run buster...


<<<<<<<<----skip here
<<<<<<<<<<--- skip here

Example of Do's and Don't when editing C.B.S.

DO (in any order)


You must use caps. You must use colon(:). You must follow with a space.

(Optional: spell out Categories:, Recipe By:, Servings: and follow with space and put comma and space between each category title)

Buster is set to recognize several words in this field, e.g., Serves, By, etc.(see complete list in Appendix)

CATEGORIES: Buster will capitalize the first letter of single words only. ' salad and beans' would come out: Salads and beans.

SPACES MATTER: example C: beans, salads

Comes out: example C: Beans Salads,

but: example C: Beans Salads

Comes out: Bean

FOOTERS: There are 2 kinds of Footers: (see Glossary and see Rules for Footer)

1) the kind of footer you type into the exec box as you Bust,

2)' Footer: ' example below (see Glossary for more info and see Rules for Footer below)

Footer typed into a file directly, here is example:

Footer: Here is a recipe for croquettes, I made them a few year ago, and they are tasty. We thought lime juice++
made them even better. (See' directions' area for how this will look within a recipe.)

* Exported from MasterCook *

Meat Croquettes

Recipe By : Culinary Arts Institute - Chicago
Serving Size : 4 Preparation Time :0:00
Categories : Appetizers Beef 

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 tablespoon fat
4 tablespoons flour
1 cup milk
2 cups finely ground cooked meat
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon minced parsley
1 egg

Melt fat, add flour and blend.
Add milk and cook until very thick, stirring constantly.
Add meat, lemon juice seasoning and parsley.
Chill thoroughly.
Form into clylinders, pyramids or patties.
Dip into crumbs, then into slightly beaten egg mixed with 2 tablespoons water and into crumbs again.
Fry in hot deep oil (385F) until brown.
Omit lemon juice and add 1 tablespoon mined onion.

Here is a recipe for croquettes, I made them a few year ago, and they are tasty. We thought lime juice made them even better.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1. START a line with "Footer: " (please put a space after the colon!) into the text file. You can put just about as much data after "Footer: " in there as you want! It will accept a total of 1024 characters before it blows up!

The only rule with the length of the line, is DO NOT break the line up with <RETURN>'s...... just keep all the text on the same line, and buster will do it's magic translating it into lines of 78 characters in length!

2. This "Footer: " line MUST appear somewhere outside of a valid recipe! Don't put it inside the first recipe, or program won't see it! (Be careful not to put in the Notes field of the previous recipe -- must be outside of ANY recipe field.)

3. After the "Footer: " line is found, it will place that text (minus the word "Footer: ") in each recipe after that. The line or paragraph will have a 2-space indent on the first line.

4. If you want to change the footer at some point in the file, just use a new "Footer: " line, and program will pick up the new one.

5. If you want to discontinue the "Footer: " information at some point, just place a line STARTING with "Footer:" by itself on a line, and buster will turn Footer: off, until it encounters another Footer: line.

7.0. Busting

7.1 Bust a file: 'Save as' for example: TNT303.txt. Place in file where Buster and Config reside. Click on the Buster exec. You will be prompted to enter a filename. Type: tnt303.txt and click return. (not case sensitive) Buster will ask you if you want to add any footer. You can enter up to 77 characters here< return>.

7.2 Exit the Buster Exec: Exit the program by 'x' in the upper right corner or Control-Break.

7.3 Busting same file again: After you Bust, a '.TXT' file becomes' .DON'. If you need to re-Bust a file, do exactly as you did the '.TXT' ONLY this time, type the extension .DON. No need to delete the original .OUT and .MXP file. Buster will overwrite them for you.


MC537.txt after Busting becomes MC537.don. SAME FILE, ONLY EXTENSION NAME CHANGES

You need to Bust it again, type: MC537.don

8. Getting help

8.1 How to contact Buster's inventor

8.11 email: Glen Hosey <>

8.12 web: URL ? ? ?

8.2 Comments, suggestions, bug reports etc., are welcome. Write: <> Please state the version number of the buster you are using.

9. Sharing and Disclaimer: CHECK WITH GLEN on how much of the usual disclaimer stuff he want in there and what tone of voice here are choices

9.1 The program may be freely copied and shared among users of MasterCook software.

9.11 We ask that you distribute the latest version of the software.

9.12 We ask that your copy include all of the files associated with this software.

9.2 About the intended user: This software was designed primarily for MasterCook owners. Test importing into the MasterCook software is an IMPORTANT way of testing the recipe format for correctness. This is especially important if you are sharing recipes with other MasterCook users. It is recommended that users become well acquanted with busting Digests before working with individual incoming recipes or with unformatted recipes.

legal stuff : This version of buster is distributed as Freeware. This means you don't have to pay for this software, just enjoy it! You are not allowed to modify this software. You may distribute it by making it available on online-services. You may not ask money for the program itself, only for the distribution of the program.

Use of this program is at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything if your disk blows up.... etc

Glen Hosey reserves the right to release future versions of Buster as Freeware or as shareware.

Support is available through the addresses listed above, whether you are a registered user or not. Registered users receive priority treatment, of course. E-mail will always receive the quickest response.

10. Glossary of Buster - isms

Buster Blurb - Recipe Poster's name and date posted, etc.

Buster Brackets - the five symbols used to format plain text recipes

Footer: Additional information you want inserted into bottom of recipe

Footer1 - What you type (up to 77 characters) into exec box

- This puts your words at bottom of >directions. Most often used in conjunction with ' X' setting in Configuration file.

Footer2 - Footer: (unlimited number of characters, but see Footer: instructions. You type into the file you want to Bust ""Footer:<space>" and unlimited number of words, and Buster will put all these words into each recipe in your file. (See special "Footer:" instructions.)

Header - The uppermost To/From area of an email

MC Header - the * Exported by MasterCook * (note the spacing, there must be 2 spaces in front of 'Mastercook' in order for the recipe to import)

11. Miscellaneous

MXF Header must not be changed. The spaces are important.

* Exported from Mastercook Buster *


*()()Exported from()()Mastercook()()Buster()()*

There are two spaces between the "*" and "Exported" and two spaces between "from" and "MasterCook", just because that's how MC puts it out! The entire remainder of the line is not looked at!!!!! All I check for is "* Exported from MasterCook"

Dates must read exactly like this and spaces matter: Wed, 01 Jan 1997 UNLESS you change the Date: to 'DATE:'

C:, B:, S: these stand for Categories, Recipe by, Servings. Make sure ':' is used, followed by a space or these fields will read" blank, blank, 1.

something like "all the following are valid tags for the category,

Note: where a colon is shown, it MUST be there.....

]]]]] (followed by a return and a blank line) must be at end of all unformatted recipes in order for Buster to format and/or add Footer.

Want to say: after you bust a digest, a quick perusal of OUT file shows you what Buster took and didn't take and any adjustments can be made (like cut/paste over to the Busted .mxf file).

Notes area in .mxf must not have empty line between 2 paragraphs...Buster will not grab after a blank line.

After opening Buster ExeC and before typing into it, be sure that blue line shows exec to be activated.

Second Buster Bracket must always be follow by a carriage return.

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