Are you using Win95?????? If so, go into explorer, and find the subdirectory where buster is... find buster..... click right button on it and tell it to make a shortcut. Ooops, make sure your explorer isn't taking up the whole screen! After you make a shortcut, "grab" it and drop it outside explorer onto the main win screen. Then close explorer.

If you want to use the "/LIST" option: Right button click on the buster icon, go into properties, into the "program" area. It will give you a "command line" option, something like "C:\RECIPES\MM_BUSTER.EXE", or whatever. Just go into that line and add a "/LIST" at the end (with space before it).

Also, if you want a full-screen buster, right click on the icon, look at the "Run:" option and tell it "maximized". Then go into the "screen" menu, and make sure that "full screen" is clicked. Then "apply" it to the icon, close it up, and the next time you click on the icon it should run properly!


To create an icon so that Buster will operate from a click, in Program Manager, click on "File" and "New" to create a new "Program Item". In the properties menu screen, fill in the "Description" with whatever you want the program called (i.e. "Buster"). Under "Command Line" give it the full path AND the filename where buster is (you can browse to find it), like "C:\BUSTER\MC_BUSTER.EXE" and enter that same directory in the "Working Directory" area ("C:\BUSTER").

If you want to use the "\LIST" feature of buster, do as above, but in the "Command Line" area, include the switch, like "C:\BUSTER\MC_BUSTER.EXE \LIST", note there must be a space after the program name and the switch.

This will create an icon you can just click on to get buster to run!